That Wow Factor TR (Transition Reducer)

SI Sports Ministries

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Can I use this product during USBC Competition?

Yes it is USBC Approved for use Anytime

Is That Wow Factor TR a bowling ball cleaner?

No, using it will change the performance of your bowling ball immediately.  It makes your ball go longer with a more controlled backend reaction for when the lanes start to break down while you're bowling.

When should I use That Wow Factor TR?

When the lanes begin to experience Transition like this (video). If you need your ball to go longer due to the lanes drying up.  When you want to stay in the same part of the lane longer instead of chasing the oil line.

How does it work?

Apply That Wow Factor TR to a Wow Factor Action Pad and wipe your ball with it every single shot.

How do I remove That Wow Factor TR from my bowling ball?

You can use That Purple Stuff on a microfiber pad and wipe the ball off and completely remove the performance effect of That Wow Factor TR.

What is the performance change to the bowling ball?

Your ball will go longer and will have a more controlled backend reaction.  The performance difference is like making a 3 board adjustment in with your feet and a 2 board adjustment in with your eyes commonly called a 3/2 move.  It’s the difference between going high through the head pin for a split (greek church split) to making the ball go high flush strike. 

How often do I need to apply it?

The performance effect will wear off after about 3 shots so in order to keep the reaction the same, you'll need to apply it before each shot.

Why do I need That Wow Factor TR Action Pad?

This pad has a layer of vinyl that is designed to keep the product on the ball and off of your hands.

Can I use the same pad for both That Wow Factor TR and That Purple Stuff?

No. You will need to use different pads.  Since That Purple Stuff removes That Wow Factor TR it is not recommended to use the same pad.

Is That Wow Factor TR safe to use?

Yes it is safe to use on all reactive performance bowling balls.

Does That Wow Factor TR change the surface of the ball?

No. It does not change the surface of the ball. A polished ball will remain polished and a sanded ball will remain sanded.

How can I tell when That Wow Factor TR is on my bowling ball?

The fresh linen scent will be detected when you wipe your ball off letting you know That Wow Factor TR is on the ball.

How fast will I receive my order?

Your order will ship within 2 business days of placing your order.  It will ship via GROUND which could take 7-10 days to arrive.

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