Storm Electrify Hybrid

Storm Electrify Hybrid


  • $ 119.95

Storm Electrify Hybrid:

At Storm, the mission is simple: keep pushing the boundaries of research and development in order to provide you with a diverse selection of bowling balls to combat lane conditions of all lengths, shapes, and volumes. Usually, these efforts lead to the creation of one new ball at a time. However, this time, they’ve come up with something so good that they just had to give you two shockingly good choices at once! With that, they proudly bring you the Electrify Hybrid and the Electrify Pearl.

The Circuit Core is the ultimate baseline weapon featuring a lowered RG and midrange differential for laserlike precision. This will undeniably become the perfect all-around core design for all player types.

In use for over a decade, the Reactor coverstock is still going strong. When something has been this successful there is no reason to get rid of it. Reactor material is moderately aggressive, but still offers a fair amount of control without over-reacting on the backend.

Color Silver/Mulberry/Neon Red
Core Circuit 
Reactor Hybrid Reactive
Factory Finish 1500 Polished
Fragrance Grape
Weights 12-16 lbs
Ball Motion Continuous

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