Radical Zing!

Radical Zing!


  • $ 169.95

WWRD: 8/6/2019

The Zing! features a new core design based on the Katana concept, and we feel it’s a more dynamic version of the Katana core, the adjustment to the dynamic properties gives the driller more options without using any balance holes. The Zing! is wrapped with the Forged 2 cover, a cover we originally featured on the Slash and Conspiracy. The Motion of the Zing! is a motion we all have come to expect from Radical; it is very aggressive off the spot, creating a big backend motion. We have also incorporated the hard-hitting DynamiCore technology. DynamiCore increases the coefficient of restitution, and this means that pins leave at a higher rate of speed, a faster pin speed will yield a higher strike percentage on off hits.

Color Pink / Neon Blue / Black
Core Asymmetric
Coverstock Forged 2 Solid
Factory Finish 500/1000/3000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 14-16 lbs
Ball Motion  Continuous

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