Burgundy Hammer
Burgundy Hammer

Burgundy Hammer

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The original Burgundy Hammer from the early 1990’s was the earliest and strongest ball of its time; if you needed hook, you turned to the Burgundy. We didn’t set out to give the bowling world another urethane product, we already have the Blue Hammer and you wouldn’t see a lot of difference on today’s lane conditions. Instead, we have brought you the Burgundy Hammer reaction for today’s environments.

This is not a urethane ball, but a reactive cover we’re calling React-a-Thane. This is an early rolling cover we’ve made even stronger by finishing the ball with 500 grit Abralon™. The color is the same, the finish is similar and the reaction is a throwback to what made the Burgundy so special.

Color Burgundy
Core Modified Vibe
Coverstock React-a-thane
Finish 500, 500 Abralon®
Weights 10-16 lbs
Ball Motion Traction