DV8 Night Prowler

DV8 Night Prowler


  • $ 144.95

WWRD: 8/6/2019

DV8 Night Prowler Bowling Ball Features:

Onyx and Sterling Silver, looks great revving down the lane. Divergent Core, featuring DOT and DynamiCore. N-Forcer SF, providing more angularity than the original Prowler. Polished to easily get through the front of the lane and compliment heavy oil balls.

We are ecstatic to incorporate Durability Optimization Technology, DOT, into the Prowler bowling ball. This ball has been produced with DynamiCore and has the DOT engraving which creates the unrestricted drill area and is covered by the industry leading 4-year limited warranty.

Color Onyx / Sterling Silver
Core Divergent
Coverstock N-Forcer SF Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound
Weights 12-16 lbs
 Ball Motion Angular

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