Radical Squatch Solid

Radical Squatch Solid


  • $ 134.95

WWRD: 8/6/2019

The Squatch Solid will be a sure winner based on the overwhelming success of the original Squatch. The Squatch Solid features the very aggressive Ai-39 coverstock. This cover adds more overall hook without sacrificing the Squatch backend reaction. The Squatch success caught us all by surprise, and we think the Squatch Solid will be even more successful because we all know hook sells. The Squatch Solid also features the incredible DynamiCore technology. 

So let’s review, Squatch Core, super strong Ai-39 solid cover, DynamiCore technology and an upper Mid-price, let’s get Squatchy with the Squatch Solid. The reigning Hide-and-Seek champion of the world, now in two options.

Color Black / Orange / Purple
Core Symmetric
Coverstock Ai-39
Factory Finish 500/1000/2000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights 12-16 lbs
 Ball Motion Continuous

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