AMF Ninja SE

AMF Ninja SE


  • $ 139.95

It’s back and you never even saw it coming!

The Ninja SE is back with a vengeance, and ready to inflict damage on whatever stands in its way. The second introduction into the AMF Vintage line the Ninja SE is going to provide a stronger motion at the breakpoint with more continuation when compared to the Night Hawk SE. The Ninja SE F70 coverstock finished with the NEAT “T” 4,000 grit finish will handle higher volumes of oil than the Night Hawk SE. The Ninja SE fits into the AMF lineup between Night Hawk SE and Escape, by providing more entry angle, with more overall hook than the Night Hawk SE and less than the Escape.  


Attributes    Tech Specs
Coverstock F70 Weight  R.G.  Diff 
Color Purple Solid  16 LB  2.47 0.054
Finish NEAT "T" Pad 4,000 15 LB 2.48  0.054 
Core Type Symmetric 14 LB  2.50  0.050 
Ball Motion Continuous
Available Wts           14-16 LB.

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