Roto Grip Hustle Au

Roto Grip Hustle Au

Roto Grip

  • $ 94.95

WWRD: 6/7/2019


Inside you will find the now famous Hustle™ Core which measures in at more of a medium rg number. Not too high and not too low, it measures in just right. While the core differential measures in at a lower value for more control down lane.


The VTC-P18™ Pearl Reactive cover was first used on the Winner™ and instantly became a fan favorite. This formula of pearl increases traction throughout the lane while still retaining enough energy to respond down lane.


Created with versatility and reaction in mind, the Hustle Au does not disappoint. Compared to the rest of the line of Hustle's, the Hustle Au just like the Hustle 3TP will provide the most length with more backend reaction due to the pearl

Color Gold / Light Gold
Core Hustle™ Core
Coverstock VTC-P18™ Pearl Reactive
Factory Finish 1500-grit Polished
Weights 10-16 lbs
Ball Motion  Angular

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